Blackjack Games

Terminology of Blackjack - Short List

Here is a short list of some terms used in blackjack. The goal is to facilitate your understanding of the game by understanding the terms used in this game. Not only will this make the learning process easier, once a new player is on an actual blackjack table that player will also be able to strike a conversation with other more experienced players.

Here are some blackjack terms every player should become familiar with.

Basic Strategy: This term refers to the correct play of your hands in blackjack. The correct moves have been determined based on hundreds of hands simulated on a computer.

Hole Card: A hole card is usually any card on the table that is face down, but when you read about blackjack strategy this will mainly refer to the dealer's hole card.

Hard Hand: In blackjack, this is any initial hand that that will consist of any card and an Ace where the Ace will be taking a value of one. A hard hand will also refer to any hand in blackjack that doesn't have an Ace in it.

Soft Hand: In a game of blackjack this would denote a hand which is the opposite of a hard hand. A soft hand will have an Ace and the Ace will take a value or be counted as 11. For example, you have a Six card of any suit and an Ace then your soft hand's value is 17.

Stand: This is a move in blackjack where you decline taking a new card from the dealer to add to your current hand.

Hit: This is a move in blackjack where the player or dealer requests or takes a new card from the deck to add to their present hand.

Bust: This is a hand in blackjack that instantly loses. When a hand goes over a total of 21 it is said that this hand busts or automatically loses.

Blackjack: This is the name of the game and also denotes a hand that totals to 21 that instantly wins.

Push: In blackjack, this denotes a tie.

American Hole Card Game: A variation of the game of blackjack where the dealer has to check for a blackjack if he gets an Ace or a ten-value card in the initial hand.

Double Down: A blackjack move where a player takes one more card, doubles the initial bet, and then stands.

Double Down Rescue: Means that a player can give up half the wager after doubling down.

Insurance: A side bet offered by the dealer in case the dealer gets a blackjack.

Early Surrender: A rule in blackjack that means players may surrender before the dealer peeks in his hand for a blackjack.

Late Surrender: A rule in blackjack that allows a player to surrender after the dealer has made a check for a blackjack. Both early and late surrender may or may not be allowed by casino - varies from casino to casino.

Split: A blackjack move where players separate two cards of the same value and then gets two more cards to pair off with each split card to form new hands. These are some of the words you'll commonly hear in blackjack. Understanding each term contributes to a player's understanding of the game.