Blackjack Games

A Glimpse of Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular card games being played in the world. The reason for its popularity is that it combines skill and luck. Today, it is now possible to play blackjack on the Internet.

During its early stages, blackjack was not very popular. In order to lure players to play the game, casinos introduced different bonus payouts. An example of a bonus was the 10-to-1 payout each time the hand of a player has a blackjack (an ace of spade and a black Jack). While the bonus payout was eventually abolished, the game retained the name Blackjack. Today, a player can get a blackjack even if it does not have a jack or any black card.

Today, Blackjack has many variations, and this can be seen at online casinos. Some casinos offer a combination of traditional blackjack and new ones which add more excitement to the game. Most casinos provide 6 or 8 deck games. The lesser the number of decks the more chances a player can have in winning.

Another attractive feature of blackjack is the Surrender option. Here, a player can give up their cards if it is a bad hand. When used properly, the player can put in more money to the bank. In the case of a good hand, the player has the option to split. While most casinos limit players to 1 or 2 splits, there are others that permit splits up to three times.

In Multi-Hand Blackjack, a player can opt to double on two cards, thereby enhancing their chances of winning with a good hand. In some casinos, a player is allowed to double their wager if they choose to split a good hand. When used properly, this option likewise increases winning odds.

Another variation that can enhance a player's chance of winning is the Full Dealer Peek. The dealer chooses a second card facing down at the start of the game to determine if they have a blackjack. If so, the game is over.

Asian Blackjack is another variation that is becoming popular in Asian casinos, especially those found in the Philippines. It can be chosen by other players who are looking for new thrills and excitement.

With Asian Blackjack, a player is given an option to surrender fifty percent of their bet on the premise that the dealer does not have an Ace prior to dealing a third card to any hand. Asian Blackjack makes use of six decks of 52 cards.

These are just some of the exciting new blackjack variations offered in online casinos. They provide players with attractive payouts designed to lure gamblers to play in their site.