Blackjack Games

Playing Solo Blackjack

Winning in blackjack means discipline, skills, and lots of practice. Blackjack mastery comes with lots of exposure playing with the masters---or at least veteran blackjack players. But this may seldom happen, so what's the next best option? Try playing solo blackjack.

As the name implies, it's playing blackjack with oneself. It's pretty much like playing solitaire---played alone it lets the player concentrate more and adjust strategies to better one's techniques. One of the advantages in solo blackjack is that one's blunders never get exposed in public and so playing gets more focused in improving oneself. Playing with veterans is good, but these people are often too rigid and scolding. There are lots of advantages playing with them, but the joy and benefit in solo blackjack cannot also be ignored.

Imagine being a dealer or a player. One session, be a dealer, another be a player. Deal out cards as if there are other players in the room. Place first set of cards face down and then next face up. Note what faced up cards the "other players" have and try to test how one's gut feelings or hunches work. Here's a fun way of practicing blackjack discernment or what others call educated or accurate guessing. Here's also where one can improve playing with moderation or decisiveness. Try guessing the blackjack cards and decide when to bet low or double down or split. Then look at all the cards to see the accuracy of the discernment or guess.

Of course, with solo blackjack, games are mostly two-card deals. But one can also try to deal three to four cards with "other players" who "ask" for them. It can help lots to place mirrors at the place where "other players" are seated. This way one can see how one looks from the vantage points of the "other players." See how obvious emotions are on one's face. Or see how credible the pretentions and bluffs are or how obvious.

By this method (imaginary opponents, mirrors, and all) card counting can also be practiced to mastery. As blackjack sessions pass and cards dealt, try to count shuffled and deck cards without being obvious. Practice doing this without much obvious eyeball movements or gazes. Use the mirrors to see if this is being done or not. See if card counting gestures appear too plain on the mirrors or if the acting is plausible.

Solo blackjack trains one for sharpened discernment, mature decision making, credible bluffing, and undetectable card counting.