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Card Counting Not Allowed

Card counting is undisputedly helpful to many if not all blackjack players. Together with basic strategy, these players will able to amass a small fortune out of playing blackjack. Is there a new rule now that card counting is not allowed?

A player in one of the casinos in Vegas employed card counting with basic strategy as did most blackjack players. When he had a hundred thousand dollars of winnings, the pit boss came up to him and said he cannot play blackjack anymore and he had to be removed from the blackjack table. Is card counting illegal and anyone using it is tantamount to preventing you from playing at the blackjack table?

You have perhaps heard of the case of the MIT guys or the phenomenal Edward Thorp who changed the history of blackjack. All those time when their strategies were used has Vegas now finally decided to adapt a card counting no play policy?

Will the thrill of winning at the blackjack tables be limited to playing in overseas casinos allowing card counting? Should America say good bye to blackjack now?

Blackjack players have something to be happy about: card counting is not illegal - and it will remain that way in the foreseeable future. Why should using your brain be illegal? Disallowing card counting is saying that blackjack players should not think.

All the casinos can do at most is to bar you from playing at the blackjack table. That is what happened to the player exemplified in the previous paragraphs. But of course, that player can play at the other table games available in the casino.

That barring is not true to all casinos. There are some casinos out there - you will need some researching in this one - that will allow a player to win big at the blackjack table by using card counting outright.

It is normal for casinos to bar proficient players at the blackjack game; a casino is a business and letting you win is not on their list of priorities. How is a casino supposed to go on doing business if it keeps of losing money to gamblers? To stay a business, gamblers need to lose more than they win.

The trick there is to leave the table when you have enough money for the night. Avoid fattening your hundred dollar bet to a hundred thousand dollars in one night - do it in several days so that the casino will not suspect you to be a good player and will not be barred on your next visit.

Card counting is not illegal. It is totally alright for you to use your brain. But if you are winning a lot by card counting this might alarm the pit boss to bar you at the blackjack table. Better keep your winnings to a minimum so as not to be barred. Good luck!